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                                         In House Finance - Is it for you? 
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Over the past 17 years a  form of car finance has been established by us. Succumbing to the pressure of retail demands for finance to purchase cheaper cars and for buyers whose credit rating has a blemish, we have  established our own finance connections. Primarily to accommodate low income workers and pensioners who fall through the cracks with banks and lending institutions.
In the first instance, pensioners may have a small deposit and be able to make repayments for a car at amounts which we are prepared to accept. In the case of Great Western Auto Sales these cars are all fully warranted and carry some warranty provisions during the full term of the repayment schedule  to protect the buyer.
Others may find that their credit rating is poor based on previous performances of bank or finance company loans and find it impossible to obtain finance from those sources. Once again Great Western Auto Sales through its arm New World Finance and Leasing will give consideration to financing these customers on amounts up to $20,000 so you may not have to limit yourself to a bomb that others are selling. Our company looks more at stability and credibility than previous history. We believe you deserve a second chance.
Our finance has increased dramatically in NSW over the past 17 Years to answer a genuine need from both low income earners and those disadvantaged by a blemished credit record. During the life of these contracts which are legally binding for the protection of the consumer, warranties on the vehicle exist. It is good to deal with one of the largest in-house dealers in Australia.
Good advice to the consumer is to desist from constant applications with those who advertise in metro press guaranteeing acceptance. Let the buyer beware that every application rejected adds to their file already in existence, thus making it more and more difficult to obtain finance.
Great Western Auto Sales has many hundreds of satisfied customers who have tried our in-house finance and our repeat business is comforting.
Our finance office is open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. ACL # 395178
$ Your trade-in could be full deposit $
Have peace of mind that all cars under finance are covered with a mechanical parts & labour warranty for the life of your loan
So don't wait call us now with any questions you may have and Sue and our team can get you driving away in the car you have been looking for.
Call Sue on 02 46278660 to discuss your financial needs. Or email application and privacy form to bryceen@bigpond.net.au  Or Fax To 46259455  Click links above
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